Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Ghost Ship (2002)

In 1962 the Antonia Graza disappeared without a trace and what happened to her remains a mystery.  But an gruesome opening scene involving a large cable clues the viewer in that something went very wrong on board and the passengers were purposely killed.

In the present day, an expert salvage crew is approached to recover what appears to be a large ship. Due to the possible payoff, the team decides to take the job, even the man who hires them won't reveal the location unless they bring him with them.

When the crew locates the ship, they are surprised to find it's the long lost ocean liner.  The crew starts exploring and soon enough strange things begin to happen, with the most frequent being the sighting of a little girl by the one female crew member.  Then one of the other guys starts hearing singing. What the heck is going on?  Is it a ghost ship (i.e. the ship can go appear and disappear at will) or is it a ship full of ghosts?  Is there someone else on the boat? Where did the cigarette come from?

If you're looking for a film with a lot of scare, then this isn't it.  There are a few creepy moments, but there aren't really any scares in this.  But it was entertaining enough, even though the twist at the end was predictable.

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