Sunday, February 10, 2013

A Force of One (1979)

After several undercover officers are murdered by a kung fu  killer, the Chief decides his undercover team needs to learn how to protect themselves.  And what better way to ensure their safety than hiring the best martial arts instructor in town to teach them some karate?

Matt Logan grudgingly agrees to help.  He's hesitant as they aren't interested in the philosophical teachings, just the chop socky.  Matt runs a school and his son Charlie helps out. He's raised Charlie since the poor kid was orphaned at a young age. Oh man... Charlie's an orphan?  You just know he's gonna die.

When Matt falls for undercover lady cop Mandy, I feared for her safety as well. Nothing gets a good man who knows martial arts into killing mode like someone maiming his loved ones.

While the police meet with varying degrees of success, Matt romances Mandy, and trains for his big fight with Sparks, a fellow Special Forces Vet.  But is there a traitor in the police department?  Will any of Chuck's proteges survive till the end of the film?  And what about poor orphaned Charlie who rebels against Chuck when he says he isn't ready for a big fight?

Chuck Norris and his massive mustache star, along with Bill Wallace and Clu Gulager.

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