Thursday, February 21, 2013

Splinter (2008)

Polly and Seth are celebrating their anniversary by going on a little camping trip when they are carjacked by convict Dennis and his girlfriend Lacey.  Dennis forces the couple to drive and Polly hits something in the road, which upon further investigation is an animal infected with the splinter parasite.

The group makes a quick getaway to a nearby gas station where they get trapped by the growing parasite and must figure out how to work together to survive.

Seth has a PhD in biology, and has a theory about what is happening.  Along with being a biologist, he is also an embarrassment of a boyfriend. He can't drive a stick, set up a tent, change a tire, or even make any attempt to protect his girlfriend from an armed convict.  Not that you need to be able to do any of that to be a man (well you should protect the woman), but it is remarkable how amazingly Seth fails at everything in a spectacular, sniveling, fraidy cat way.  There is a reason he gets no respect from anyone.

Overall it was entertaining even though you'll want to kick Seth's ass, and you very easily could.  Every time I look at the dvd cover, the guy on the left reminds me of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. I think it's partly the spiky parasite at his hairline, the icy scratches on the door by his chin, and the door handles which resemble claws if you're not looking right at them and think it's Wolverine.

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