Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Guitar Wolf: Red Idol (2003)

Guitar Wolf are a basic high energy rocknroll band influenced by Link Wray, the Ramones, and 1970s punk.  The leather jacket wearing three piece write catchy, trashy, garage rock.  They may not be the best musicians, but their heart and enthusiasm are everything that real rocknroll should be.  I love this band!

The film is made up of live concert footage, interviews, and videos.  The first few live songs are full of quick cuts and effects. It was so annoying that I almost stopped watching it. Plus it was starting to make me feel slightly motion sick. Thankfully not all the footage is like that.

There are interviews with members of US garage bands who've played with the band or released records by them.  Some of it is pointless, but the Goner records guy is interesting.

There are also interviews with the band.  Stupidly enough, since the first interviews were in English with Japanese subtitles, when the Guitar Wolf interviews came on,  I watched some of them in Japanese before realizing there were probably English subtitles. Duhr.

There are also some videos which I really enjoyed.  This film features the original three piece, (Billy aka Bass Wolf passed away in 2005).

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