Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Christina's House (2000)

Christina lives in a huge old rented home on the edge of town with her little brother and father.  Dad works two jobs, brother is into video games, Mom is in an Asylum, the handyman is always working on the house, and Christina has a new older boyfriend who wants to give her some sexual healing.

Christina keeps hearing odd noises in the house.  The handyman thinks it may be mice or just the house settling, but he looks into it to put her mind at ease.  Still things appear, disappear and then reappear, which makes Christina nervous, although no one else seems to notice.

When the body of a classmate is found in the stream in front of her house, the police start suspecting something is going on involving the family or her hotheaded boyfriend.  There have been other disappearances in the area, and the strange noises make Christina feel the house has taken on a more ominous tone.

This is not a low budget movie, but it's slow on the thrills and the policeman is unnecessarily suspicious. If I was flipping channels and stumbled across this, I might watch it if nothing else was on (I have basic cable so there's a good chance it would be the best thing out of the 25 channels I get).

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