Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Jack O'Lantern (2004)

Jack returns to his family's farm after spending months in a coma due to a car crash that killed his father.  He wanders around wearing a winter hat and doesn't talk.  His slack jawed expression never changes and the only emotion he conveys is duhrrrrr.

A mystery man leaves a pumpkin on his front porch and Jack decides to carve it.  When he sticks the knife in, it oozes blood.  Stupid old Jack just keeps carving and wipes blood all over himself, mouth hanging agape as usual.

Soon all of Jack's old friends are being killed by a monster with green monster vision. Does the killing have anything to do with the secret they're keeping?  You bet your sweet bippy, it does.

There are lots of scenes in this movie that have no bearing on the rest of the film, such as when Brett and Billy go to a car dealership.

Also one character Chris completely changes her look and name halfway through the film. I wasn't sure if it was even the same character.  They've called her Chris and then all of a sudden start calling her Christine.  Her hairstyle is completely different, and she has different makeup.  It's even more confusing as they implied ten minutes earlier that she had killed herself.  (Holding a gun, freaked out, appears suicidal, cut to her friend and there is a gunshot off screen).  Nope, she's not dead.  They just totally changed her whole look and started calling her Christine so that you get really confused and wonder if it's the same girl.  The only way I could tell was her strange eyebrows.

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