Friday, February 1, 2013

Deadly Species (2002)

After Professor Thomas's grant falls through, he receives a call from rich amateur cryptozoologist Wilson Friels, with an offer to pay for his research trip.  Thomas excitedly accepts the offer without asking anything about the terms or conditions of the endowment.

On the day Thomas and his assistants are preparing to leave, Wilson and an assistant show up at the launch site and inform Thomas they'll be traveling with him.  Luckily there is still room in the raft for two extra people. Even though Wilson and his assistant don't bring any food, water, or supplies, the group doesn't seem worried about the practicalities.

Thomas is researching an Everglade Indian tribe rumored to exist, although no one has seen them in over 400 years.  It's a twenty mile hike to their last known settlement.  Oh yeah, I'm sure the topography could have changed much in the past 400 years.

While they make camp, Thomas's team works on finding the Caloosa and their settlement which is rumored to be the Gates of Hell.  On the other hand, Wilson sneakily looks for the secret fountain of youth rumored to be inside the same area. Nope, nothing could go wrong with this plan.

Typical cliched mediocre movie ending with bad guy getting his comeuppance and the good guy imparting a lesson he's learned about respecting the environment, old customs, and magical mystical things that are free from all of todays evils and that we will never truly understand.

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