Saturday, February 16, 2013

Beneath the Darkness (2011)

One night Travis, Abby, Brian and Danny see a silhouette of a dancing woman in the second story of the small town funeral home, which is also the home of the mortician, Vaughn Ely.  But Ely has lived alone since his wife died tragically a few years earlier.

There are rumors that the house is haunted. The kids argue as to whether they've seen a ghost or something else.  But the one thing they agree on is that the lady moves very oddly.

The next night they head over the the funeral home to try to see the ghost up close.  Ely's van isn't there so they decide to break in and go upstairs to try to locate the woman or ghost they saw.  Travis doesn't think they should break in, so he stays outside to be the look out in case Ely comes back.  What the kids don't realize is that Ely's van is in the shop for repairs.

When Ely catches them in the house, a murder occurs.  But Ely is a well respected man in town and sympathy is on his side due to the break in.  So no one will listen to the kids when they say Ely is lying.  Now they're scared of what he will do to the rest of them, especially since no one will believe that their charming, handsome mortician is not a kind, good hearted man.

I was expecting more from this.  It never really provides the tension that these situations should give the viewer.  Also I can see wanting to investigate the local funeral home to see if there are ghosts, but to break in puts it in a different place altogether, especially because it's also his home.  And the cops in this town are just plain useless.

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