Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Grudge 3 (2009)

Picking up where the second movie left off, the only survivor is killed by the ghost while in police custody.  Somehow news travels to Japan where Naoko hears of it and heads to the US to try to stop the curse.

The building is being renovated.  Siblings Max (who manages the building), Lisa, and Rose are some of the tenants that inhabit the building and are now fodder for our long haired ghost and her pale little friend.  Since there aren't many people around, you already know that Lisa's boyfriend and the artist up stairs are going to get grudged. There's no one else in the building.

I haven't seen the other Grudge movies.  So at first I got this confused with the Ring - spooky Asian ghost with long hair covering her face? Yup.

Why would a doctor show confidential medical records and video of a recently deceased patient to an unrelated teenager she'd met only once before?  If you see a creepy little boy with a ghostly pallor in a mostly empty building and you know he doesn't live there since your brother manages the place, plus your neighbors were recently murdered, why would you be so cavalier about it?

How did this curse get to the US and attach itself to this particular building?  And if you see hair growing out a of photo and some unknown entity leaves red hand prints on the ground heading towards you, why would you not get up after you trip and fall over backwards?

And if you knew there was a spooky ghost in the building who you'd seen kill people and possess others, why wouldn't you want to perform a ritual on the off chance that you would stop the curse and save your family?  Because you're surely going to die unless something can stop this creature and you're clueless.

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