Friday, February 22, 2013

Home Sweet Home (1981)

A couple goes to visit family for Thanksgiving, but an escaped lunatic ends up at the isolated  - isn't it always - family home and starts killing anyone he can get his hands on, which is pretty much everyone.

Luckily none of the characters are particularly engaging, and some are downright irritating, so we're not sad.  Then again, the killer is a body building, lunkhead who breathes heavily and giggles incessantly.  And did I mention that there's a talking mime that plays guitar and does magic?

The most irritating character is Mistake, the annoying mime son of the guy who owns the house.  I'm still not sure exactly how everyone else fit into this group, but there definitely was at least one family which included the patriarch, his girlfriend, and Mistake.

Not only is Mistake incredibly annoying for the viewer, but even the other characters hate him.  His face is painted like a mime.  He has an amp strapped to his back so he can walk around while playing his electric guitar.  His t-shirt has a chain design on it, as well as a rip that is held together with a safety pin. 

Mistake is constantly being chased around due to his highly irritating personality.  When he is chased through the house by a guest, he runs straight into his dad's bedroom just as dad and his girlfriend are starting to get busy. This causes Mistake to shout, "It's my lucky day!" which is horrifying and confusing since for most people catching their parents in a state of undress is their absolute nightmare.

Characters keep going out on errands and never come back.  But does anyone worry?  Nope, they just keep on cooking the turkey and eventually sit down to dinner with half the characters missing in action.

Oh, Home Sweet Home, you are an interesting little movie - part boredom and part what the hell....?! The serial killer is played by Jake Steinfeld better known as the Body by Jake guy.

The original artwork for the VHS was cool, but now it's got this crappy generic cover which isn't going to make anyone pick it up.  I hate it when they update the covers of old movies to try to appeal to the next generation.  Bah!  Stop misleading everyone with your boring new covers!

Well how much can you expect from a movie that
opens with this guy alone in a station wagon asking,
"Hey, wanna beer?"  Needles to say the killer doesn't.
Tony Orlando is pissed.
I hate the sun visors.
The aptly named Mistake. 
Half the Thanksgiving guests have disappeared? Let's eat!
 No one notices the little girl on the left appears to be
passed out, head down on the table.
ACT-ing!  Ladies and Gentlemen, your killer!

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