Saturday, February 16, 2013

From Justin to Kelly (2003)

While on spring break, Justin pursues Kelly and hijinx ensue.  This is a cliche from beginning to end, and may as well be called Saved By the Bell: The Musical.  Three guys, three girls, spring break, attraction, misunderstanding, jealousy, missed opportunity, fear of rejection, realization of the truth, resolution. The End.

The story has been told before and done better.  The worst parts are the idiot jock white boy who thinks he can rap and Kelly's wardrobe, especially the skirt made out of ties.

Even though this was awful, when looking it up on IMDB, I was excited to see a movie list entitled "Disappointing, Dull, and Dumb Movies."  I'm certainly going to look at that because it will probably be more interesting than this movie.  But I have a horrible feeling that I'll end up renting something on that list because it sounds so terrible.... which is exactly why I watched this. Not a good move on my part.

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