Saturday, April 20, 2013

Darkening Sky(2010)

Eric is doing his doctoral thesis on the origin of mythology, specifically UFO mythology.  He is obsessed with it, much to the dismay of his girlfriend. He also suffers from migraine headaches, has a strange scar on his abdomen, and has fleeting childhood memories of something happening to him, which was apparently an abduction.

When his girlfriend disappears the night after she told him to move out, Eric is worried.  He's even more worried when there is a message from her boss asking why she never showed up for work.

Eric asks his new neighbor Harold if he saw anything weird the night before.  He didn't, but he sends his niece Beth over to talk to him.  It turns out she believes her boyfriend was taken by a UFO and she's trying to find him.  He had all the same symptoms as Eric - the migraines, the scar, memories of a childhood abduction.

Beth convinces Eric to go to a UFO seminar that night.  While skeptical, he decides to attend, but can't take any of the presenters or audience members seriously. As more and more evidence appears to point to his girlfriend being abducted by aliens, the only person who will listen to him is Beth.  She believes that the aliens are coming back to get Eric, just like they did with her boyfriend.

Is is really aliens?  What really happened to his girlfriend?  What's his neighbor doing? Why is Eric's former professor so interested in whether he's going to complete his PhD?  This is a weird movie with a twist at the end that I didn't see coming. So I give them credit for that.  But at times it is long winded and until you get about a half hour into it, there's not much going on.

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