Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (2011)

Johnny Blaze is back and he's chewing the scenery.  This time the Ghost Rider bands together with a monk to rescue a child that Satan, known as Roarke, is after. But the Rider is too busy killing wrong doers, like people who tell little white lies and those who do illegal downloading, (an extremely heavy handed bit of propaganda if ever there was one).  This makes me hope that instead of killing murderers and rapists, we're going to see the flaming skeleton smash into some Ivy League dorm room and vaporize a straight A student for downloading a Justin Bieber tune from a bit torrent.

The monk also states he can help the Ghost Rider rid himself of the curse. Hurrah!... uh wait.  Is that a good idea at this point in time, since Satan and his minions are chasing you and trying to steal the child you're protecting?  So why would Ghost Rider pick this exact moment to perform a ritual freeing himself from the curse and becoming a normal human being?  Well you'd be right to ask, as there is no good reason other than he's an idiot.

As soon as Blaze loses the Ghost Rider curse, the movie goes right into snores-ville since the only thing that was really entertaining was Ghost Rider vaporizing people and the flaming skull and fire effects.  What we have left is Nic Cage getting beaten up, and while that does sound appealing, it's not very interesting.

Watch for Carrigan, who is regenerated with the power of decay.  Whatever he touches decays to dust in seconds.  This makes it impossible to eat food since it decays at his touch, except for Twinkies. People also decay.  I kept wishing his steering wheel would decay as that would make things more interesting, but to no avail.

Overall - cool effects and flaming skeleton, but then the ghost rider disappears and there's no reason for the movie.

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