Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Severed (2002)

Two people are killed in a parking lot by a large man. The policy are called and give chase, (leaving the bodies behind and neglecting to call for back up).  The man kills the cops.  We're thirteen minutes into the movie and there is no plot.

Here we go - a murderer is lopping off heads.  The murders have been going on for three years.  There are no witnesses.  The police decide to assemble a special unit and hire a specialist to look into this case  because the killer "...was taking one head a month. Now he's taking one head a night."  Seriously?  I would hope you'd do something about it before it got to one murder a night.

The most ridiculous dialogue occurs when a bounty hunter meets with a voodoo lady to try to get info on the killer.  He hands her cartridges found at the latest crime scene.

Crackpot Voodoo Lady - "I'd like to hold onto these."
Bounty Hunter - "Okay, but they are evidence so I'll need them back."

Oh my god! Are you kidding me?  Since when would anyone involved in an investigation leave crime scene evidence with a civilian who does voodoo?   That's just crazy.

Also amusing is that when the killer screams, he has a normal voice, but when he speaks it's a Satan voice.

The acting has some really awkward line reads.  There often isn't enough light in the scenes and the dialogue is hard to hear.  Another winner - and when I say winner, I mean waste of time -  of a movie from the long line of $5 cheapie DVD movie sets.

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