Friday, April 12, 2013

Hard Rock Zombies (1984)

A fun loving band goes on tour and ends up in a town where they were warned not to go.  The townsfolk don't want them there and don't like their big city rocknroll ways.  The real mystery is why the band was asked to play two shows in this town.  Surely whoever owns the local venue wouldn't have booked them?

The townsfolk try to make them cancel, but the band is expecting  a big talent scout to come to see them.  They are also staying at the family estate of a female hitchhiker wearing short shorts that they picked up on the way. Her family is a bunch of freaks who like to murder unsuspecting people who pick up the daughter.

The movie is bizarre and includes Nazis, a werewolf granny, Hitler, zombies, dwarves, wacky music montages of the band, and some of the most ridiculous zombie walking ever which looks like a cross between a robot and bad 80s dancing.

There is also a ridiculous scene where people trapped by zombies come up with the theory that "Ghouls don't like heads."  So they get huge cut outs of celebrities heads and hide behind them to try to escape.  As you can imagine, it doesn't work out so well.

There's also a love story between the lead singer and a teenager girl who looks way to young for him. Creepy.
His hair is disturbing
The strangest promotional tool for a band ever
Dancing! Skateboards! Mimes!  Silly Poses!
It's wacky music montage time!
Caterpillar brows is far too young for you.
The band is electrocuted by maniacs
Apparently zombie bands wear Kiss makeup
Nothing good can come from this
Ghouls hate heads
Yeah, you just knew that wasn't going to work

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