Monday, April 8, 2013

Filth to Ashes: Flesh to Dust (2011)

A group of teens head out to the old abandoned building in the middle of nowhere where a serial killer used to take his victims.  They plan to go in and take pictures since one of the girls hasn't gotten an acceptance letter yet from Harvard.  They figure if she gets the scoop on this serial killer, then Harvard will be impressed and accept her. Huh?!  That makes no sense whatsoever.  So she's going to send them photos taken with a point and shoot camera?  Oh yes, they'll be ever so impressed.

Once they get there, most of the group are scared to go in.  Our Harvard wanna be musters up her courage by repeating, "Harvard... Harvard..."  Her friends say this is an awesome idea because "who else is going to have access to a serial killer?"  Right. Because Harvard is really impressed by people who have access to serial killers.

Everyone knows the killer is dead as the story was in all the newspapers when the killings were discovered. But for some reason, he shows up. What's up with that? No explanation is ever offered.

Oh and some of the kids are racists, just like our killer.  This makes our annoying teen victims far more unlikeable than your normal obnoxious teen in horror movies these days.  Why are all teens/college students in recent horror movies hideous people? In older films there might be one or two that you hated, but the others were okay, even if they were dorky stereotypes.  But now it's just people you hate, and maybe an over the top nerd and one sweet innocent girl.  How about some characters I don't want to see die?  Damn writers!

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