Sunday, April 28, 2013

Devil Seed (2012)

Three college students rent a house and head out to party at the local clubs before starting another year at school. Drunk girls Alex and Jessica decide to stop at a psychics while they're staggering home after the bars close. Odd that a psychic is open at 1am, but then again, I guess they'd probably do pretty good with the drunk college kid business.

When the psychic gives Alex a reading,  she sees something horrible, freaks, and tells them to get out.  Maybe she should have told them what she saw, or provided some sort of info, other than get the hell out of here.  But since they're both drunk, they leave.

The next day Alex can't remember a thing.  Jessica thinks that weird since Alex had some weird reaction at the same time the psychic did.  But she drops it since Alex has no idea what happened.

Soon Alex is hearing noises in the house, having nightmares, and getting scratches on her body.  Since this all started happening after she moved into the new place, it seems odd that she wouldn't ever consider staying somewhere else to see if it's residence specific or attached to her.

To acerbate her problems, her boyfriend is sleeping with their other roommate and this roommate hates her.  The boyfriend implies to the hater that it's because Alex won't sleep with him and they've been dating for two years.  To be fair, if she told him this up front, he shouldn't complain because he knew what he was getting into.  But either way, he's a jerk.

The problem with devil movies is that if you've seen the Exorcist, nothing else is that scary.  Plus all devil movies tend to be derivative and this is no exception - it's a foul mouthed, virginal, possessed girl who hates the reluctant priest that tries to help her.  As we watched this movie, we became incredibly bored and drifted into a coma.

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