Thursday, April 25, 2013

Storage 24 (2012)

When a military plane crashes in the city, it's contents are spread over a large area, including a storage facility where a large box has landed and broken open.  Charlie and Mark are headed to the storage area to pick up Charlies things.  His girlfriend Shelly  just broke up with him and he's a bit of a mess.

When they arrive, there are problems with the gates at the front door and maintenance is fixing it.  Once they're inside, they head to the storage room and find Shelly already there with two friends.  Things get awkward and hostile, but soon there are strange sounds from inside the building.  Slash slash kill kill, it's a big old alien creature and he's going to take your head off.

With the electricity going on and off, and the front desk guy and maintenance guy missing, the group tries to figure out what's going on. In the process, they meet a divorcee who lives in his storage locker to keep his ex wife from getting any more money from him - great life choice there buddy.

They lock themselves in his storage room and try crawling through the vents to find bigger storage units which might contain weapons.  Not the best idea but what else can they do?  There's a creature roaming the halls.  Note: if you insult an alien, it's not an effective means of protecting yourself from death.

When we decided to watch this, the conversation went "yeah it's got a monster, sounds great."  "But it's British."  "Oh...... well that may not be so exciting."  That proved to be true, but it's good to see a monster that's not CGI.  It's well done, but just not that interesting.

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