Saturday, April 6, 2013

Forever Evil (1987)

Mark plans a weekend at his parents lake home before they put it on the market. His girlfriend Holly, his brother Jay and Jay's girlfriend Julie, plus another couple are ready for a weekend of partying. However evil has been unleashed... somewhere... but it  must be nearby since soon everyone is fighting for their lives.

After Mark, the only survivor, is released from the hospital, he meets Reggie, a woman who was the lone survivor of a similar  demonic slaughter of her friends.  The two team up with Detective Leo to figure out what is happening and why.

There is no question that this falls into the bad movie category.  But for some reason, I kind of liked it.  It's too long, clocking in at almost two hours, and our hero looks like a cross between Jack Black and William Shatner in his T.J. Hooker days. This is kind of creepy and kind of fascinating at the same time.

If you watch the trailer, it makes the movie look like the Evil Dead.  But it's not in the same league at all.

Most insulting fond recollection of a girlfriend ever:
Mark:  "So anyway, Holly wasn't exactly what you'd call beautiful, but she knew how to use make up."


Something happens.
William Shatner praises his brothers love of generic College.
Oh... this doesn't look good. Do you think we should leave?
Someone watched the Evil Dead.
Professional Lawman here. Yes, my wall is covered with
ridiculous tabloid clippings - why do you ask?
Mark's research involves looking at Microfiche and reading
obviously made up stories from tabloids.
High waisted slacks above the navel and a sleeveless
undershirt? What is this the 1940s?
This fabulous grappling hook invention
will save our lives... oh I guess it won't.
Jack Black is not amused.
It's never a good thing when there's a devil baby.

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