Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Maximum Conviction (2012)

Steven Seagal is Tom Steele, formerly black ops, assigned to decommission a prison along with his partner Manning, played be Steve Austin, (the wrestler not 6 million dollar man, although that would've been excellent.)

Two female prisoners are brought to the prison, and Seagal is in charge of signing them in and out.  When the FBI show up to take the women to another location, the warden states they need to see Steele, who isn't there at the moment.  This does not sit well with their leader, played by Michael pare as they are actually mercenaries who are up to no good.

When Seagal arrives back at the prison and discovers something is afoot, he puts on camo, a backward ball cap and sunglasses. So you know he's damn serious.

The movie ramps up... something at this point as it's good guys vs bad guys.  Pare's group tries to locate the women by threatening the warden and using an inside source.  While  Seagal and Austin try to get the women to safety and wipe out the bad guys.

The strange thing about this movie is that Austin and Seagal are hardly in any scenes together.  They each do their thing and it works to a certain extent, but it's still odd.

Laughs are at Seagal's expense when he wanders into a scene near the end of the movie with his huge camo vest which - upon his large frame -  resembles a sympathy pregnancy suit.  It just looks ridiculous.  Unfortunately for Seagal, at other times in the movie he could be referred to as a potato in an overcoat or Old Dracula.  Thus another reason for it being a good idea to team him up with Steve Austin again.

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