Saturday, April 27, 2013

Sheltered (2009)

A group of friends go on vacation, pick up some lame hitchhiker surfers because they're cute, and drive into the path of a hurricane. For some reason they aren't too concerned about the impending storm and stop to see if they can get a drink in a small town that's been evacuated.

The bar is deserted but Joey, the bartender, decides to serve them after becoming smitten with one of the girls.  While grumbling hostile brother William angrily stares at the group, friendly Joey steps over the body behind the bar and pours everyone another drink.

When the groups car won't start, they take up Joey on his offer to stay at his house until the hurricane passes and move the party there.  The girl Joey likes starts having visions of people who aren't there and there's something off about William and Joey. But the message from a strange girl who breaks into the home is that it's the friendly Joey they really need to keep an eye on. Of course no one listens to the message from the doped up freaky girl.  You can't blame them, but you may want to take it into consideration since you don't know him and there's definitely something strange going on.

It's not a very good movie which is why it's on a dvd set with lots of other films which only cost five bucks.

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