Monday, April 15, 2013

Hide and Creep (2004)

Well I didn't expect this. We've full frontal male nudity within first five minutes of film. Yikes!  And it's not even a hunky guy, which makes it considerably more shocking. It's just out of nowhere and you'll wish they got this man some pants quicker than it happens.

Chuck, a small town video store owner, finds a zombie in his shop.  He thinks it's just a crazy homeless guy and tries to stop him. Well you know you can't just stop a zombie, and after a short skirmish, Chuck dispatches of him.  So he calls the police to report the death.

The Sheriff is out of town and the secretary is useless. So Chuck ends up leaving the zombie in the police station with a note to call him, and then goes to get some lunch.

On the other side of town, some hunters go to investigate noises in the woods and find zombies munching on a friend.  They quickly figure out what's going on and run back to the cabin to get their guns. This makes the fact that Chuck couldn't figure it out really annoying since he was just talking to a customer about zombie movies.

Eventually Chuck, the hunters, the secretary, and her ex-boyfriend end up working together to try to escape the town and contain the zombie outbreak, whichever works.

This is a low budget horror comedy. Some of the jokes aren't that good, and the characters can be annoying at times. But overall it's okay and kept my attention.  The segment in the supermarket was the best part and the PA announcements regarding the zombies were pretty funny. Overall I liked it and can over look it's flaws.

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