Sunday, April 7, 2013

Schizo (1976)

Famous figure skater Samantha gets married and the next week of her life sucks.  The wedding night and first week of married life should be best. But the Ice Queen's involves a bloody machete to cut wedding cake, attempted murder, fake spiders, fights, psychic arguments, drunks, stalking, and her friend hitting on her husband. What next?

William, who used to date Samantha's mother and stabbed her to death as Samantha watched, sees the wedding announcement in the paper and decides to get in touch - and by in touch I mean creepily stalk her and try to murder her.  The problem is that no one will believe her, including her new husband.

People she knows get killed and still no one believes her.  Odd things show up in the house, no one believes her.  Hey was the maid here today?  No. That's odd it looks like someone's been in the house.  Oh well, nothing to worry about, it's not like someone is trying to kill you or anything.  You'd think they'd believe her what with all the mysterious deaths and the large bloody machete which showed up at the wedding.

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