Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Jersey Shore Shark Attack (2012)

Underwater drilling along the Jersey Shore causes vibrations which unleash deep water albino sharks which had towards the coastline.  A group of friends, based on the dopes on Jersey Shore, hang around the beach, drink in the bar, get in fights with rich preppy kids, discover the half eaten body of a fisherman, and notice the sharks swimming along the shore.

Being the good kids that they are, they try to warn the police, where The Complication's father is the chief, but no one believes them. So they ask the radio station to air a warning.  When that fails, they try to warn the crowd at the Joey Fatone concert on the beach.

When Joey and his manager don't believe them, they head over to the country club to warn the preps even though they hate them.  They don't believe them either.  In fact no one believes their warning until Joey Fatone is eaten mid performance by a shark. Hurrah!

As it's fourth of July weekend, the mayor does damage control by showing the press a dead shark and declaring the water safe for human frolicking.  But you know that's a big mistake as anytime someone says to close the beaches and the mayor is refuses, there's bound to be death in the water.

This is a stereotypical shark movie with annoying reality TV kids. It's passable if watching with friends or you've got it on in the background as you do something else.  I was sorely disappointed that the Guido's are the heroes and don't all die a horrible death.

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