Thursday, November 27, 2014

Amityville: A New Generation (1993)

Keyes lives in a building with loft apartments for artists, and a common area that everyone (except the landlord) wants to use to hold a showing.  While at a coffee shop around the corner, Keyes takes a photo of a homeless man across the street.  When he approaches the man to give him money since he thinks he will be able to sell the photo, the man insists on giving him an old creepy mirror.

Keyes neighbor Suki borrows the mirror, and shortly afterwards her vindictive ex-boyfriend is found dead in her apartment. Suki's upset and starts painting crazy eight foot canvases which she suspends from the ceiling and uses nooses to make them move up and down.  Well.... that doesn't bode well.

When a detective calls Keyes to come to the morgue to identify a body, he's afraid it may be Suki since she's been acting strange.  But it ends up being the homeless guy that gave Keyes the mirror.  The guy had Keyes name and address in his coat, and the detective wants to know their connection.

Keyes mentions he only met him once, but offers to pay for his burial, which raises eyebrows.  Why  pay for the burial of a man he met once?  Keyes becomes obsessed with investigating the mans life. So he drives to a soon to be closed psychiatric asylum where the nurse is perfectly willing to show Keyes the confidential medical files, as well as squawk on and on about the man's background.  When she hears the man gave Keyes a gift, the nurse freaks him out by stating it must have been a mirror.

Although Keyes has been having nightmares for a week, which coincides with his possession of the creepy mirror, Keyes can't seem to it this together.  It all comes to a head at the art show in the building, which is notable for the stupidest art piece ever -  a TV with a rife mounted on top pointing towards a chair.  The rifle is on a timer set to go off sometimes before the year 2001.  Wow.

So wait, you're asking, I thought this was an Amityville movie?  But it takes place in a loft in the city? So what does this have to do with the Amityville house?  Almost nothing.  This is about the cursed mirror that came from the house.  It's the only connection, and once or twice we see the house in the mirror, or Keyes has nightmares about the murders which were committed on Thanksgiving day.  (Happy Thanksgiving!)

This is a direct to video film (like you didn't know), and it shows.  I can't imagine anyone looking for an Amityville movie will be happy to discover it doesn't take place in Amityville and is about some stupid mirror which is loosely tied into the title.  Boooooo!!!

Update: I forgot to add these screen shots:

Would you accept a creepy mirror from this homeless man?
The only time the Amityville Horror house comes
into play is when it 's image shows up in the mirror.
Todays photography lesson - don't use a zoom lens
when you're trying to take a portrait.
The worst art ever - the timer will set off the gun some time
prior to 2001, hope no one's sitting in the chair it's aimed at

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