Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Bullet to the Head (2012)

Sylvester Stallone mumbles his way through another film while wearing strange looking unnaturally dark colored brillopad hair. Stallone plays a hitman named Bobo, who accepts a contract on a corrupt cop. After Bobo and his partner make the hit, his partner is murdered, and Bobo barely escapes the same fate.

Detective Kwon arrives in New Orleans to investigate the death of his former partner.  After seeing the two bodies in the morgue, he puts together that Bobo and his now dead partner were responsible for the hit.  He tracks down Bobo in a bar, and converses with him to let him know he's on to him. But upon leaving, Kwon is attacked by corrupt police who don't want him looking into the hit, and Bobo ends up coming to his aid. The two start working in an uneasy alliance since whoever ordered the original hit wants them both dead.

I'm not a Stallone fan, but my friends forced me to watch this action flick, and he hasn't aged well. Sure he's muscular and physically in good shape, but when you see his face from his younger days, yikes!  Also his hair is starting to resemble the strange creature that lives on Steven Seagal's head. Plus he is getting super mumbly in his dialogue. Sometimes it's actually hard to understand him even though he's speaking English.

However I have to say for an action movie, it's not bad.  It's not ever going to be held up as one of the great action films, but it was okay and made good use of the typical cliches you'd expect.

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