Sunday, November 2, 2014

Septic Man (2013)

When the government mandates a small town be evacuated due to a contaminated water supply, septic man Jack is given a large sum of money by a mystery man who asks him to stay and solve the problem.  Jack questions whether he should do it, but decides to take the money due to his desire to provide for wife and soon to be born child.

While Jack is in the subterranean sewer tunnels trying to find the source of the problem, he finds a hatch to an even lower level. When he opens the hatch, he's greeted by a terrible smell which he investigates, without any sort of respirator.  Unfortunately for Jack, he's knocked into the disgusting sewer water when the hatch knocks him on the noggin.

With a possible head injury, Jack tries to find a way out of the sewer and proceeds to yell for help. It's not likely that anyone will find him due being several levels below ground and a mandatory town evacuation, but what the hell.

The description of this movie said that Jack undergoes a hideous transformation, and 45 minutes into it, he's just a screaming guy with crap on his face.  Over and over we watch Jack scream, explore tunnels, and puke.  It gets old.  Although I expected no one to find him down there, two other characters are introduced, but are annoying.  Based on the trailer (which made the movie look really interesting), Jack does start to look like monster, but when we gave up after 45 minutes, he hadn't transformed.

The film is pretty disgusting since it's focus is on sewers, and the bacteria in the water causes projectile vomiting and diarrhea.  The movie was made by those involved with Monster Battle (which I absolutely hated), and Pontypool, (which I loved).  So I was interested to see where I would end up on the scale for this one. Ultimately I was disappointed.

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