Thursday, November 13, 2014

Dark Feed (2013)

Oddly enough when I first saw the cover, i thought it was a faceless guy in a hooded sweatshirt.  But it’s obviously a woman in a nurses outfit, which would make sense since it takes place in an old asylum.

A woman is roaming through an old asylum... oh hell, did her blood just wake up the evil that lives in the asylum?  Yeah, that’s not cliche.  But here we go - blood goes into the drain and a dark shadow spreads across the wall.  This surely won’t go well for the film crew making a movie there.

Chris arrives at the asylum to watch the filming of a low budget movie he's written.  No one seems to want him there.  There’s no reason provided for his visit, and since he doesn’t do anything except get in everyones way, and the crew seems irritated by his presence, let's just assume he's there for plot convenience.

Since he's ignored by most of the people on the set, Chris hangs  out with the still photographer and interns, one of whom is a cute girl. Turns out the interns have been told to baby sit him, which doesn't make Chris feel welcome, but then again they’re the only friendly people on the set. 

Cast members start to be affected by the evil, and start acting strangely.  Chris sees some strange things, but hey they're making a horror film, so it's not that far off base when weird things happen.  But soon it becomes apparent that something is horribly wrong since people are dying. Meh.

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