Friday, November 28, 2014

Haunting of Cell Block 11 (2014)

aka Apparitional

The show Ghost Sightings has been told that their rating aren't good enough, and unless they find something to add excitement to the show, they'll be cancelled.  Later as they group is discussing what they should do for their next case,  Mr. Gaffney drops by the office insisting on seeing them.  He claims he owns an excessively haunting location and he needs them to get rid of the ghosts.

Since it appears this location might offer something exciting to increase their ratings, Joel and his crew make the long drive, stopping at a small town diner to get a quick bite to eat and ask for directions.  The locals aren't happy when they hear where they're headed, and warn them not to go. There've been multiple people who've gone there and died.  The gang laughs it off since nothing scary and paranormal ever happens on their investigations.

When they get to the prison, their guide shows them the areas with the most reported activity, and warns them not to stay the night.  Joel isn't worried because, as he says, "we're professionals."  This turns out to provide much amusement (or annoyance, depending no how you look at it), when his camera  guy points his camera at the floor every single time something happens.  No wonder they have no footage of anything paranormal.  Maybe the camera guy should be fired if he can't hold the camera upright whenever something occurs.

After the group's Medium is attacked and injured, they decide to vacate the premises, but discover that someone has padlocked the front door.  Since this is the only way out of the building, they must figure out how to survive the night, and treat their injured team member who needs serious medical attention.

This is another movie about ghost hunters actually finding something, even though they usually don't.

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