Monday, November 17, 2014

The Conjuring (2013)

Roger and Carolyn Perron, and their five daughters move into a large old home they've just purchased.  While the kids are playing, they accidentally knock a hole in the closet wall. Surprisingly, Roger discovers that it is not actually a closet, but an entryway to the basement where the door had been walled over.

Going into the basement, Roger and Carolyn are surprised to discover a furnace and tons of items owned by previous owners.  No one shall ask why the Perrons would buy a run down house without getting a home inspection or, more importantly, confirming that they actually had a furnace.

Strange things start happening, and the family ends up terrified in their own home. They are unable to leave since all their savings have been invested into the purchase of the home. Desperate for a solution to their nightmare, Carolyn seeks the help of Ed and Lorraine Warren, paranormal researchers who are lecturing at a local college.

The Warrens are renowned paranormal experts who have successfully helped others with their hauntings. The couple has a large locked room in their house filled with evil or haunted objects which they've removed to provide peace to the affected families.

Based on Carolyn's desperation, the Warren's agree to take the case and arrive at the house with their crew to investigate.  The level of activity increases and things get super creepy pretty fast as the evil spirits don't appreciate the Warren's interference.

This is one creepy, scary movie. The film mostly uses atmosphere to generate the scares. I prefer this type of film to one that uses blood or gore for scares. If a movie can successfully pull off a scary or tense atmosphere, then your own imagination will prove to be far scarier than whatever the filmmaker could imagine.  This one was scary enough that I don't think I could have watched it in the theater - since it's a huge dark room where some thing could sneak up behind me.

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