Thursday, November 6, 2014

The ABC's of Death (2012)

The ABC's of Death is an interesting concept.  Assign each letter of the alphabet to a different filmmaker and give them free reign over their vision of death.  Many segments are in a foreign language, so if you don't like subtitles, you will have a hard time with a lot of these short films.

Since everyone came up with their own concept, the film is all over the place.  So it can be tough to have recently watched a disturbing violent short and then all of sudden you're watching a cartoon about a lighter piece about a woman using the bathroom at a party. Also some pieces just seem to trail off.

The segments are hit or miss, with most of them being a miss for my taste.  I watched each one since teach segment is about five minutes long. My favorite one was the letter Q which was handled by Adam Wingard.  Credit to the guy who got Z and didn't do zombies.

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