Sunday, November 23, 2014

Crush (2013)

Bess is a super shy, insecure, awkward teen who has a crush on Scott, a popular soccer star. at her school In this day of technology, she is able to stalk Scott by reading his posts, using a phone app that tracks where he is, and reading newspaper articles about his sports prowess. Wow, that's a lot easier than when I was in junior high and you had to hang out in the hallways hoping your crush might walk by.

Scott's best friend is Jules, his ex-girlfriend.  Jules flirts with Scott and wants a relationship, but he's focused on rehabing his knee injury so he can get back on the field.  So he tells her he just needs a friend right now.  Jules says okay, like you do when you agree to be just friends, but you're waiting to find a way to turn it into more than that.

On the last day of school, Scott finds a note in his locker about how he's so special and only his secret admirer can really appreciate him. It provides a date and place to meet.  Scott's flattered, but not interested enough to show up for the meeting, which leaves Bess sitting awkwardly alone waiting for a guy who'll never show up.

Bess works at a record store where her older co-worker Andie commiserates about what it's like to have a crush that is unrequited.  Andie is kind to Bess, even though Bess is so shy she's a weirdo, and points out that she should consider Jeffrey, a boy from school that is essentially stalking her in the same way she stalks Scott.  But Bess isn't interested and asks Jeffrey to stop following her.

When Bess sees their former teacher Ms. Brown slipping Scott her number at a local coffee shop, she blurts out that she hopes he won't call her because she can't appreciate him.  The creep factor increases when Bess pulls out a drawing of Scott's that she retrieved from the school trashcan earlier in the year.  Scott tells her to leave him alone.

Shortly after that Jules becomes the victim of graffiti on her window warning her to stay away from Scott, as well as a murder attempt at a high school party.  Scott says it must be his stalker, but when a topless photo of Jules that was on Scott's phone ends up being sent to everyone in school, Jules thinks Scott is to blame for everything.

The movie has twists and turns, and the identity of the stalker is in question. Is it quiet weirdo Bess? Is it her stalker Jeffrey who doesn't like her paying attention to other boys?  Is it Scott's friend/rival who likes Jules and wants to be the star of the soccer team? Or is it the little girl from the beginning who has grown up and had no problem pushing her male best friend off a roof because he kissed another girl instead of her?  Yikes!

It's an okay film, but it's been done before.  The strangest thing about this film is that every woman who is named in the film is interested in Scott.  He's not bad looking, but it's not like he's got this  killer personality or is super charming.  Holy cow, what is this power he has over women?  And when his former teacher slips him her number, you just want to throw your hands up in the air.  Why?  I know the papers seem to be loaded with stories of teachers having relationships with students, but really?  Good god, women, get a grip!

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