Monday, November 3, 2014

Neverlake (2013)

Jenny, who has a British accent even though she grew up in the United States, was raised by her grandmother.  When she gets to be sixteen, her father invites her for a visit to his home in Italy.  Contrary to her expectations of a warm embrace and time spent reconnecting, her father drops her off at home with a pushy housekeeper who insists her father has instructed that she take daily doses of vitamins, aka unknown pills.

Her father is doing archaeological research on the nearby Lake of Idols, and informs Jenny that she is not to touch the idols he's found in the lake, or any other relics in the home.  His office is kept locked and he won't allow her in there, even when he's there.  While he promises to spend time with here, he never does and Jenny decides to explore the nearby woods.

The Lake of Idols is nearby, and there she meets a girl who has a cloth tied around her head to cover her eyes. She tells Jenny she is blind and must get back to her home.  Jenny helps her, and finds that the girl lives in a huge building that is either a hospital  or asylum.

Jenny sneaks in with her new friend, meets a small group of children, and after a brief visit promises to return.  Since she has no friends, she visits daily, bringing books and poetry to read to them.  The children warn her to make sure no one sees her coming or going because the adults are not to be trusted.

Soon Jenny beings investigating what her father keeps locked up in his office, and has an experience with the supernatural while at the lake with the children.  Something is not right, but she isn't quite sure what is going on.

The film is story based and at times I found it a bit slow.  But you can't help but feel for Jenny who is left feeling lonely and ignored by her own father.  Olga is usually the only one around and she is  domineering and creepy.  As a teenager, Jenny is essentially at their mercy, since she has to rely on  transportation from her father. The whole situation is unnerving, even the strange children she befriends.  The film looks nice and overall it's okay.

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