Sunday, November 23, 2014

Bermuda Tentacles (2014)

Captain Trip Oliver,  head of some undefined special forces unit, is called in to rescue the President of the United States after the Pres is jettisoned in an escape pod from Air Force One.  But Admiral Linda Hansen doesn't cotton to young Trip because they butted head the last time they worked together. Trip disobeyed orders and members of his unit died.  Trip blames the Admiral for the mens deaths, and the Admiral hates that Trip didn't follow orders.

Even though the Presidents pod went down in the Bermuda Triangle.  No one shall ask why they didn't make the pod buoyant so the President didn't have to worry about running out of air.

There's nothing to be alarmed about though because the best men are.... oh wait, are those massive tentacles surrounding the  boat and waving at  the crew?  Before you know it, the fleet is being attacked by terrible cgi tentacles.

Trip and his crew jump into the Prometheus, the experimental underwater vehicle they've been authorized to use once the Admiral gives the okay. But as we all know Trip's a rebel who lives by his own rules, and takes risks to get the job done.  Trip orders his crew to to take off in the Prometheus and then shuts off the radio so they can't hear the Admiral screaming.  Now to rescue the President if they can find his pod.

Good god, this is terrible.  Love the title, but that's it.  The cgi is really bad.  The story is full of cliches, which can sometimes be fun, but this is so tedious that the cliches don't provide any amusement.  Linda Hamilton plays the Admiral, and she has not aged well. I'm not sure if they purposely made her look old, but she appears to be a smoker with all those lines on her upper lip.  Also if this was the only thing I'd ever seen her in, I'd say she was a terrible actress. Half her scenes consist of her making crazy eyes at the other characters, or in response to something that is said.

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