Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Demented (2013)

Three couples celebrate the end of the semester by vacationing at a large house owned by ones father.  Everyone’s having a great time until they receive a call from the father to report that there have been missiles launched at the US.  The house doesn’t have cell reception and there is no tv so they can’t monitor the news.  No one shall ask why they don’t use the radios in their cars.

A vote on whether to leave or stay ends up being in favor of staying put.  Later that day, a dog shows up in the yard.  It looks odd and is drooling.  They idiotically go outside to investigate.  When the dog charges at them, they lock themselves in the house, and decide to retire for the night.

The next day, the dog is still there. More idiocy commences when one of the guys decides he's had enough of this dog and goes outside with a bat.  Yes, because it’s always a good move to approach the  crazy, drooling dog.  After dispatching the dog, one of the soft hearted and soft headed kids decides to bring the dog to the local animal control. 

As he drives into town listening to the radio, he hears broadcasts warning everyone to lock themselves in their homes, There are also reports of biological weapon attacks.  

When he spies a car off the road ahead with a lady standing beside it, his kindness and lack of cranial functioning causes him to disregard any warning he's heard and he stops to offer her help.  As he approaches, she turns two reveal just what you'd expect - she's infected and insane, or demented, if you will.  

After managing to get away from her, he drives back to the house, and screams that they have to leave. As they’re arguing about it, one of the demented jumps throughout the window and the action begins.  Here the movie goes into overdrive as we have the group trying to figure out how to survive and escape from the demented.  The stereotypical coward character is among the friends, and the crisis brings out the worst in some of them.

David’s girlfriend is so freaking annoying.  She screams a lot and it actually sounds like the actress is hoarse, which makes it sound even more annoying.  I realize that some people just scream a lot, but seriously, when making a film find a happy medium between the amount a person may actually scream, and how irritating it is to the audience to constantly hear someone scream.

Also what sort of moron shuts a door with their fingers in it? It's so unnatural. Plus that’s how you’re going to get bitten, or if you're lucky, just break all your fingers.

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