Saturday, November 8, 2014

Hey...Stop Stabbing Me! (2003)

In the matter of a few hours, Herman graduates from college, gets kicked out of the dorms, finds out his parents are away on a three month vacation, and has his belonging stolen when he hitches a ride to a friends house.  He's hoping to crash with his buddy for a week or so until he finds a job. But his buddy is newly married, and his wife, who Herman's never met, hates him.

While wondering what to do next, he finds a flyer advertising a room for rent and hitches a ride to the address.  Then his luck changes.  He gets the room, finds a job, and gets a girlfriend.  

His roommates are a bit strange though.  Blaine does gardening and seems nice until he catches Herman using his comb.  Icky is always sick. Demon has a thing about people leaving clothing on the floor.  Allan gets angry when asked not to play his drums first thing in the morning, and then the takes on the person of Chartreuse, who is writing a symphony about how much he hates Herman.  Also there is something in the basement stealing Herman’s socks.

When Herman moved in, his room was full of stuff, as if someone already lived there. When he asks about it, he’s told the guy who lived there disappeared.  But there are signs with names on them in the backyard near freshly turned earth, and Herman's told the names are of all the roommates who disappeared.  Blaine believes they’ve joined a cult, but Herman begins to suspect those are graves and there’s a serial killer in the house.

This is a super low budget horror/comedy which appears to be made on VHS.  It’s the type of thing that I am always afraid of watching because it’s obviously low budget amateur, but this one is actually pretty funny.  The only complaint I have is that it seems to run out of steam and should have been a little shorter.  But it’s ridiculous and made me laugh out loud at some of the bizarre stuff that happens. 

There’s also a second movie included on the DVD, Sledgehammers at Dawn, made by the same people.  I barely managed to get through it. It doesn’t have the same charm as the first one, and the humor mostly falls flat.

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