Sunday, November 30, 2014

Mine Games (2013)

aka The Evil Within

A group of friends goes away for the weekend to an isolated cabin, which is large enough to accommodate around eight people.  After veering into the woods to avoid what appears to be a man in the road, the group resumes their trip when they can't find anyone around. But soon they have to abandon their van due to damage on the undercarriage that results in the loss of fluid needed to keep the van running.

Although they aren't sure of the address, they think the house is within a couple miles, and walk to the cabin.  When they find a note on the counter addressed to two of the group, they assume they've found the right house.  As they're waiting for the couple they are supposed to meet there, they decide to let the partying commence!

As the night goes on, the group feel as if they're being watched.  When the power goes out, Michael goes out to restart the generator. But upon his return, he acts strangely, prompting his girlfriend to ask for the millionth time if he's taking his medication. He must be a mess since she's overly concerned about his medication intake.

The next day, with no sign of the friends they're supposed to meet, and no cell reception, they go exploring and find an abandoned mine.  Once inside, two of the group split off from the rest so they can eat some mushrooms.  As the group is leaving, two guys decide it would be a funny prank to lock Micheal in an old store room, and he freaks out.  Ever notice that pranks nowadays always seem to be mean spirited and people just slap the work prank on their actions to avoid any responsibility for acting like jerks?

Back at at the cabin, one of the guys discovers he's lost his wallet. So two of them head back to the mine.  While retracing their steps, they find two dead bodies. That's creepy enough, but what's even worse is the bodies look exactly like them.

Due to their tendency for pranks, no one takes their story seriously. So we're left with a scene that basically goes, we found our own corpses. No you didn't. Yes we did. Let's get the heck out of here. No lets wait.  No we need to go back to the mine. Okay.

How crazy is that? If I saw my own dead body somewhere, I wouldn't go back to see it again. Everything starts going nuts from here. How can they be dead if they're still alive?  Who would have killed them? They heard something in the woods the night before - was it the killer? Or is one of them the killer?

To make things more confusing, one of the group is a psychic. She's having strange visions, which are either hallucinations from the mushrooms, or psychic visions.  But most importantly, she can't be a very good psychic since she shouldn't have gone to this damn house in the first place.

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