Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Deep Star Six (1989)

A crew is nearing the end of a six months stint at an underwater station excavating at the ocean floor in preparation to build platforms for missiles from the Navy.  Unfortunately they picked the one spot on the ocean floor where there's a huge crater that continues an alien monster.

When the crater is discovered, some of the crew don't think it's the best idea to put the missile platform there.  But the Captain decides the only option is to blow up the crater to see what happens.

When they send a remote into the massive hole to broadcast a video feed of what's there, the stupid thing goes blank and they can't get it to respond to commands. So the two crew members in the manned sub go after it, hoping to avoid trouble for losing the remote.  After horrified looks and screams all around ,they are never heard from again.

After the secondary station is attacked and ends up precariously hanging on the edge of the crater, the gang back at the base decide that the threat of the unknown attacker, plus the standstill due to the chasm where the platforms should be, means they should abandon the station for their own safety.

As expected, things go horribly wrong and the crew can't leave.  Much of the trouble stems from the resident coward who regularly makes bad decisions and is prone to panic. In fact, the coward may be responsible for more deaths than the actual creature. And how the heck did an alien get into a subterranean chasm under the ocean anyway?

Matt McCoy spends the movie smiling and smirking, even when giving his condolences to a grieving fellow crew member.  He's much more suited to sitcoms since he can't seem to stop cracking a smile, even at the most opportune moments.

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