Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Violet and Daisy (2011)

Violet and Daisy are two teenage girls share an apartment, squeal with joy over their favorite pop star, and hope to earn the money to be able to afford the new dress in their idols clothing line.  But unlike other teens with similar lifestyles, they’re also paid assassins.

After a very Tarantino opening sequence  the two decide they are getting burned out and need to go on vacation.  But the offer of one last well paying job will provide them with the money they need to buy the dresses they want, and they decide to take the job.

After breaking into their victims apartment, they case the joint and sit down to discuss their next steps.  Unlike good hit men, the girls fall asleep while waiting for their man to come home, and awake to find him sitting across from them in the next room staring at them.

Surprisingly, he's not alarmed at finding these strangers in his home, or concerned that they're there to kill him. While the girls argue about completing the job, their victim asks them questions about their own lives, which is not the best way to maintain a perfect hit record. Once you interact with a person, it's no longer impersonal. So their victim becomes human rather than just an anonymous job.

Their target also tells them that if they are planning on killing him,they'd better work quickly since there is another group of men interested in killing him, and they're going to want to take credit for the hit so they get paid, as well as maintain their reputations.

The juxtaposition between two seemingly innocent teens obsessed with a pop star, and their job as hit men is interesting.  But if you're looking for a back story as to how the girls were recruited, you'll be disappointed.  There are a few scenes of violence, with one being fairly disturbing, but a good portion of the movie is a dialogue between the girls and their target. 

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