Saturday, March 23, 2013

Black Roses (1988)

The Black Roses are coming to Mill Basin and all the kids are excited. But the parents and teachers are not happy and want to shut down the concert, which leads me to wonder why this wasn't addressed when the concerts were booked and before the band actually got to town.

Johnny and Julie are super excited as this is their favorite band and it's an honor for their town to have the first shows on the tour.  Cool teacher Matt is on the kids side because hey, it's only rocknroll.

Lead singer Damien meets with Matt and assures him everythings cool.  On opening night, teachers and parents fill the back of the venue to determine if the concert can continue.  They're going to shut down the show if the band is too scary for the old folks or the lyrics are a bad influence on the children. But the band is pretty mellow and the adults leave.

As the doors close on the snooty adults, the group starts rocking and the kids go nuts. Hurrah!  But each night the kids get more and more brainwashed as Damien and his band aren't really the sweet little heavy metal singers they pretend to be.  They are actually demons who plan to take over the world by brainwashing the kids into being violent and taking over the town... and eventually the world.  Pretty silly actually, but kind of fun to watch.

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