Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Hypothermia (2010)

Ray and his family have gotten together at the lake to do some ice fishing.  Ray is on the lake alone at night and falls through the ice, but manages to pull himself out of the water.

His family, wondering why he isn't back, send his son out  looking for him and Ray is helped home before he gets hypothermia.  Hmmm, well that's odd considering the title.  Maybe they're teasing us and that someone will get hypothermia when we least expect it using the old "boy who cried wolf" routine.

The next day the family goes ice fishing.  After setting up a small enclosure, they hunker down to wait for a bite.  There don't seem to be any fish, which is odd. So they sit around staring at each other and sometimes talking about family issues.

Later in the day, an obnoxious father and son with a huge trailer pull up next to them.  It's a huge lake, but they've chosen to fish right next to Ray and his family.  Wouldn't they maybe want to go somewhere else instead of competing for fish in this small space?

But the fish are gone because there's something under the ice that wants everyone dead, and it's waiting for it's chance to kill. Sometimes when a movie starts slow, it builds tension. Other times it just makes you lose interest.  This is the latter. All the sitting and talking about family issues became tedious.  So we shut them down and put in another movie. Too bad, because Michael Rooker stars as Ray, but even he couldn't save it.  We expected more monster and less talking about mundane things.

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