Friday, March 8, 2013

Evil Ed (1997)

Milquetoast film editor Ed is transferred to another department to work on the Loose Limbs series, a series of about eight films of graphic gory violence.   Ed doesn't watch horror and hasn't edited any of these films before. So he's surprised that he's been chosen to work on this violent, bloody series

After a couple of days of editing, he makes an appointment with the famous director of the films and requests to return to his old editing job because the gory films are making him ill.  The director, who is only concerned with his own needs, threatens to fire him if he doesn't continue with his new assignment in the horror department.

In order to help Ed concentrate, the director sends him to a vacant  house where he will have no distractions.  But instead of helping him, the isolation starts to drive Ed crazy. He starts hallucinating and acting freaky, eventually beating up a delivery boy and attacking some thugs.

Every time I hear the name Evil Ed, I think of the original Fright Night.  But this has nothing to do with that.  It's not the fastest moving film, nor is it laugh out loud, but it's interesting.

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