Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Rig (2010)

The crew on an oil rig hit something that damages the drill and destroys their underwater camera.  With a big storm brewing out at sea, all non-essential personnel are evacuated because the rig is right in the storms path.

As the storm is almost upon them, the skeleton crew split up to  secure everything on the rig and batten down the hatches.  When one of the crew turns up missing, the Captain is not happy because they should know better than to leave someone alone in bad weather.  They search the ship but don't find anything and speculate that he may have gone into the water.  But the real problem is a creature that they've unearthed with their drilling and he's on a mission to kill.

The characters are stereotypical and the creature has big claws and looks more like something alien.  You don't see it that much, but when you do, it's just confusing.  William Forsythe deserves better.

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