Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Being (1983)

A small town in Idaho experiences a rash of disappearances.   Cars abandoned at the drive-in have pools of green slime on the seats and doors.  Even the Sheriff even finds a pile of green jelly under the covers  in his bed.  Eeek!

The Sheriff knows there is something strange afoot. But scientist Garson Jones says there is nothing to worry about regarding the nuclear waste that's being disposed of in town.  He's tested the water and it's got a clean bill of health, so says Jones while his third eye blinks uneasily from the glare of the TV lights..

He doesn't really have a third eye, but wouldn't that be fantastic?  It would actually be a better than the real monster which looks exactly like the one on the cover.  Part alien, part dinosaur, all nuclear green slime, one eyed, creature-y, small town goodness. Well, it's kind of fun seeing that one eyeball roll around in it's head.

When Landau goes camping in the local nuclear dump, he discovers something strange and calls the Sheriff. Both spend the rest of the movie trying to track down and kill the evil creature. But not before the Sheriff and his girl are attacked at the local diner after hours.  Why he opened that door after getting safely inside is anyone's guess.

Watch for the continuity error at the beginning while the boy is running away from the monster. When he runs along the cliff, it is daylight, but by the time he's running through the junkyard, it's night.  That is one long escape!

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