Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Blood Night: The Legend of Mary Hatchet (2009)

Unfortunately named 12 year old Mary Hatchet kills both her parents and gets locked up in an asylum.  Ten years later she is unwillingly impregnated by an obese orderly and gives birth but is told the baby doesn't survive.

Shortly afterwards Mary escapes from her room, kills a nurse with a nasty head twist, and leaves a trail of bodies behind her until she is shot dead by the police.  Yes, she was naked and carrying a human head, but seriously? You're going to shoot a naked girl who threw a head at you?  Seems like some misconduct there, other than the plot convenience.

Twenty years later the kids in town are celebrating Blood Night, which is based upon Mary, her killings, and her rages when she had her menstrual cycle.  Those kids sure do pick strange things to celebrate.  It's never explained why they have a yearly party for murdering Mary and her killing spree, but there you go.  Stupid kids.

The cool kids party starts at Mary's grave site, where they light candles, and bring a Ouija board.  Old Graveyard Gus warns them not to do it, but you know that those cool kids never listen.  After some spooky stuff happens, they go back to one of the girls houses to continue their party.

Two dorky sophomores show up, but they decide to let them stay because they brought beer.  A few more people show up and the party is in full swing when a rutting couple upstairs gets killed.

Sounds typical, but what you have to realize is that other than Mary's back story,  this kill occurs around the half way point in the movie.  That is not good, especially since most of this time is made up of watching the kids party. We're subject to way too many scenes of kids telling stories, joking, drinking, and being idiots.

Bill Moseley, who plays Graveyard Gus, isn't in the movie much. Neither is Danielle Harris, but she does get more screen time since she's at the party.

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