Monday, March 18, 2013

Scar (2007)

Joan returns to her hometown to visit with brother Jeff, the town Sheriff, and niece Olympia.  Joan hasn't been home in years due to a horrible  experience she had as a teenager.  She and her best friend were chloroformed by Bishop, the local mortician. After a lengthy torture session, her friend was killed but Joan was able to escape and took out Bishop before he got her.  This is all told via flashback segments which is sometimes confusing as it will just go off into a flashback.

Niece Olympia wins the title of Fish Queen and dons a human sized fish costume with her head seen through the mouth - and yes, it is considered an honor.

But when the teens go out to the woods to party, one of them disappears. The next day the teen turns up dead at the opening of the lake festival. Then other teens are found dead and Joan starts having more flashbacks since the teens are being tortured. Also she believes she sees Bishop as she sees someone running away who has the same coat and hat that Bishop used to wear.  Since Bishop has been dead for years, the cops think she's nuts and consider her a prime suspect in the murders.

There's not a lot of cranial functioning on the teens part as they keep blundering around getting themselves killed. The Sheriff turns out to be not too bright either. And since Joan can't convince the cops she's not the killer, there's not much hope for her either.  It's not much of a mystery who the real killer is, but no one seems to figure it out.

The film uses an overkill of different filters/colors. It starts out normal, but then flashbacks are more muted and sometimes sepia.  Then at the lake scene, you start noticing the color has gotten retro and it changes from scene to scene.  But by the end, even single scenes have multiple tints.  And to cap things off, the movie ends with torture montage to give you the feel good movie of the year, yeech!

The dvd cover makes me cringe. Yet when you see poor scarred Joan, your reaction will be, "Is that it?  Is that her scar?"  Because unlike the horror on the cover, what we get in the movie is not a mouth to ear nightmare scar.  But a little two inch, razor thin scar on her jaw line, which actually looks more like a fresh cut than a scar.

Really? Is that it? That's your scar? That little red line
near your chin? Um, after seeing the cover,  that's nothing.

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