Sunday, March 24, 2013

Loaded (1994)

A group of friends go away to a country estate for the weekend so they can make a horror movie... and that's the only part of this film that can even remotely be considered horror, which is odd since it's on a horror collection which boasting the subtitle, Hatchets and Cleavers.

If you saw this movie on TV and were in the mood to watch a drama, maybe it would be okay. But since it is being marketed as a horror movie I was severely disappointed.  I kept waiting for one of the characters to murder another.  One of them has a collection of clippings on serial killers/murderers. Another is jealous of his girlfriends relationship with another male. But ultimately, there is no horror, hatchets, cleavers, or killers anywhere in the film.

So if you want to watch a bunch of British twenty somethings sit around talking, shooting a terribly bad horror movie, and taking acid which sets up the ending, then be my guest.  But just make sure you know it's more about the characters, their relationships and psychological musings than anything else.

Another in the long line of budget horror collections which pad their running time with non-horror films whose descriptions can be disguised as horror.

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