Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Dream Warrior (2003)

When a meteor hits the Earth, there is an apocalypse.  Some people gain powers, such as reading minds, healing the sick and injured, telekinesis, and lightening hands.  Others are under the power of Parish, a dictator who seeks to destroy all the freaks aka those with powers.  Then out of nowhere there's a goth mime village who only has a limited purpose so I really shouldn't mention them. But they look really stupid, so how could I not?

Parish has convinced his followers that those who are impure should be put to death.  He needs an heir and his wife is about to give birth to a son.  So no nonsense will be tolerated by the freaks.

Rage, who was in jail and scheduled for death, manages to escape and Parish sends his best men after him.  After Rage's car goes off a cliff, they believe him dead and return triumphant to Parish.

When some freaks happen by, they notice Rage is still alive and one of them heals him.  They form a tentative alliance and help each other, even though there is division among the group as to whether they should trust Rage or have anything to do with him.

I swear Parish has a minion named Dokken which is fantastic since this is Dream Warrior.

Nothing like the front cover exists in this movie.  It's mostly Lance Henricksen (resembling Eddie Vedder) wearing a backwards driving cap while standing on a partially destroyed structure and brainwashing his followers to kill the freaks with the super powers.

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