Sunday, March 17, 2013

Grave Encounters 2 (2012)

Film student Alex and his friends figure out where the original Grave Encounters was filmed and decide to investigate whether the building is actually haunted.  Alex thinks it might be real because the cast were all only in that one movie and he's heard that's because they're all missing. Guess he never considered the fact that sometimes people are only in one movie because the movies sucks and they're horrible actors.

When the kids get to the asylum, they find a Qwerty Ouija board - really? You couldn't just have it in alphabetical order like every other Ouija ever on Earth?  Well I hope it's not supposed to be olde tyme because it screams hipster film student all over it.

When they are caught filming inside the building, the police hear noises upstairs and go to investigate.  Soon they heard gunshots and Alex decides to check it out.  Bad idea. You could get shot. Then he decides they need to look for the cop instead of gathering their equipment and leaving to get help.  He's so annoying.  

The film opened with vloggers reviewing the first movie.  Alex was one of those, yet he acts like he has no idea that doors disappear and hallways that you just walked down are now dead ends. Yay, what a genius.  Then Lance from the first movie appears as a wild caveman and Alex is overjoyed to see him.  I'm not loving this.

First 30 minutes is film kid Alex and his stupid film student friends partying and being videotaped. It's pointless and just like watching someone's home movies.  The camera swings wildly and is  slightly nausea inducing if you have motion sickness. Yay I do, lucky me.

If you want to watch all found footage movies, then watch this.  But it's a disappointment and the film students are super annoying.

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