Saturday, March 2, 2013

Curse of the Swamp Creature (1966)

Barfly Brenda flirts with out of towner Driscoll West who reveals he is in town as he believes there is oil to be found in the swamp.  Brenda keeps Driscoll busy as her boyfriend Richie goes to Driscoll's hotel room to rob him of any paperwork that shows where the oil is located.

When Driscoll catches Richie in his room, Richie decides the only way to escape is to kill him. Brenda is not amused as this seems to put a damper on their quest for undeserved wealth.

Bartender Frenchy's not too happy either since he is asked to get rid of the body.  What a great hotel. They're only worried about their own inconvenience, not that they're covering up a murder and plotting how to steal the money/oil/riches, etc.

When geologist Barry Rogers arrives, Brenda pretends to be Driscoll's wife and Richie masquerades as an assistant.  They explain that Driscoll can't make it, so they will accompany Rogers into the swamp.

After traipsing around in the wilderness, they find a village full of natives and a huge house where mad scientist Dr. Trent and his sweet young wife reside.  Trent's wife is tired of living in the middle of the swamp, but Trent is working on some strange crocodile-swamp-human experiment.  Oh that can't be good.  And the natives aren't happy about their kinfolk being used as subjects or the evil mojo being fed to alligators.

John Agar is Barry Rogers, professional geologist, so I think we know about where we stand with this one.  Yup, we've got some downright primitive make up in this one, my friends.
This is not what I picture when I hear the words
Swamp Creature.

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